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Are Wind Farms Coming To The South Fork Of Long Island?

Block Island Wind Farm

Here is the New Wind Farm Which Provides Power To; Should- Have- been -Part- Of -N.Y -State …..Block Island R.I.,
which sits just a few miles NE of Montauk Point ;the easternmost Tip of Long Island.

Not all residents of Block Island were thrilled with the Ugly Towers spoiling their Ocean Views and were concerned about the effect on the property values of the spinning power price cutters [or so residents were promised].
Of Course Block Island Home Prices seem like a rounding error compared to the straospheric prices on Dune Road and Southampton,where $1,000,000 buys a yard shed;if you can find one for sale.

Still; the Hamptons are a hotbed of Democratic Politics,and especially fundraising.

Tesla Electric Cars are a common site at the estates of wealthy Hampton’s dwellers,and environmential causes are always championed and financialy supported by the Mostly Democratic local residents.

So is it a case of do what I say not what I do?

If Green Energy is the Future ,the Montauk point area has constant wind like Block Island that could generate much needed cheap power.

Lilco power rates are high,the Shoreham Nuclear plant that was build, tested and approved …

and then..errr…torn down due to local public concerns…was the “last hope”

of lowering the high power costs

We can certainly see the contadiction of political correctness coming down beach road…”what about property values?”

“Why put them here and ruin the view”

“they would be bad for tourisim”

“they wont lower energy bills anyway”

“if you can afford to live in the Hampton’s ,you can afford a little extra for your utility bill”

It doesnt seem likely that many Hampton’s proponents of green energy, would want to lead by example and look at a view of the whirling power pinweels in their Ocean View.

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