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Castlestock Prep at Sir Ivan’s Castle

Castlestock 2009 at Sir Ivan's Castle

Here We See Sir Ivan Observing The Elaborate Setting Up Of One Of His Famous Theme Parties; Castlestock 2009, a fundraiser event to raise money against PTSD and Hate Crimes.

For Those Not familiar with Sir Ivan,He Lives In a Unusual Home That has been profiled on many HGTV style “most outrageous homes”

“Sir Ivan’s Castle (Southampton, NY)
The 13,000-square-foot castle in the Hamptons is home to owners Ivan Wilzig — aka recording artist Sir Ivan — and his brother, Alan, a banking executive. What makes a castle a home? A gold-tinged suite with a mahogany 4-poster bed and an armored standing guard, of course! And that’s not all. Sir Ivan’s Castle also features a fireplace and a movable TV that are both controlled by the click of a switch.

The dining room, which seats 20 on red-velvet chairs with sculpted phoenixes, is just 1 sign that this castle was built for more than 2. And that’s exactly what the retired brothers had in mind. Sir Ivan’s Castle is the talk of the town when summer rolls around. Guests spend the day basking in the sunshine, splashing around in the pool or serving it up on the tennis court. Let’s not forget the professional billiards table, private gym and spa.

When the sun goes down, there’s a dance floor that accommodates hundreds and a plush screening section with exotic furnishings and star-shaped settees. “

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